Causes Of Bad Breath


Causes Of Bad Breath

Rickie Redfern 0 27 09.24 06:17
Literally talking all humanbeings are badbreathres. Oral cavity contains millions of anaerobic bacteria like fusobacterium and actinomyces which functions on the protein of meals materials as well as putrifies them. This process results in the formation of offenssive gases like hydrogen sulphide,methyl mescaptan,cadaverin,skatol,putrescine etc producing poor odor. If oral hygiene is not maintained properly all will suffer from bad breath. A lot of us control this by daily brushing,tongue cleaning and gargling. Even after maintining cleanliness in the jaws some people suffer from offenssive smell due to various causes which has to be diagnosed and taken care of properly.
Some common causes of bad breath.

One) Poor dental hygiene:
When oral hygiene is not maintained properly the mouth becomes the seat for millions of bacteria which generate offenssive gases by degrading the meals debris. Bad breath is acute in people who do not brush the teeth of theirs regularly and clean the mouth of theirs after every food. Snacks taken between meals can also take bad breath because of improper cleaning.
Badbreath is typical in just about all people in the early morning on waking. During rest there is much less production of saliva.Saliva seems to have some antibacterial properties which help to preserve the mouth fresh. Saliva conains oxygen molecules which is called for to make oral cavity aerobic. Therefore the reduction in it's quantity during sleep can make a favourable state for anaerobic bacteria.

Two) Food habits:
The principle root cause of bad smell is due to degradation of protein by the bacteria and hence virtually all food products high in protein favours bad breath. Meat,fish,milk products, etc and eggs,cakes,nuts,pear can cause bad breath. Some food articles are able to produce certain type of smell which could be unpleasent. Raw onion is able to produce typical bad smell. It is said that an apple one day keeps the doctor away,a raw onion a day keeps everybody away. Eating groundnuts can also produce bad smell. However if good cleaning is done smell could be reduced irrespective of the nature of food. Irregularity in timing of meals may also produce bad breath. Little meal articles taken between the meals can also produce bad smell.

3) Biofilm:
There's formation of a thin sticky coating called biofilm on the tongue as well as dental mucosa. This particular coating is thick on the posterior feature of the tongue where millions of gram damaging bacteriae are seen.The thick coating on the tongue is always linked with badbreath. Even a small biofilm can produce anaerobic condition favourable for probiotic supplement canada ( bacterial proliferation.


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